Energy / Power Shipping & Logistics

Energy / Power Shipping & Logistics


Shipping and logistics for the energy industry includes moving a wide variety of oversized equipment as well as providing solutions for the movement of fuel and hazardous materials across the country and across the globe. Power logistics providers help U.S. coal get to buyers in Asia and The Netherlands, move natural gas overseas and truck petroleum across the country.

Transport for the energy industry involves the movement of oversized or out of gauge project cargo. Moving wind turbines or power plant generators across the country requires careful planning and strategy. Freight forwarders and logistics departments must work with local and international authorities to get energy products and equipment safely to their destinations. The transport of power equipment or products also requires the right kind of transportation equipment as well as specialized and certified drivers and staff that know how to handle hazardous materials and operate specialized trucks and other machinery for the movement of these products. Seva Global Logistics provides transportation and logistics solutions for oil, gas and other energy companies around the world.

About Seva Global Logistics

We are international freight forwarders that provide transport services and solutions for the energy industry. We are members of extensive global networks of freight forwarders such as WCA and Lognet, and we provide domestic and global trucking, air freight, ocean freight and multimodal transport services. We also provide cargo insurance and import and export consulting services.

We pride ourselves on shipping what others can’t. We are skilled at moving refinery compressors, helicopters, turbines and other oversized items. We have the capabilities to find the right transport as well as to work with local authorities as necessary to take care of permitting to move oversized equipment and machinery to their final destinations. Our K10 Hyper Compressor Refinery Delivery is a prime example of how we worked with the Department of Transportation in Louisiana to fix a broken drawbridge on a deadline to move equipment up the Intercoastal Waterway. We have the capabilities to handle whatever logistical challenges are thrown are way, and we always do it on time and within budget.

Why Use Seva Global for Power Transport?

  • Certified to handle hazardous containers and dangerous goods – ensuring proper packing, labeling and cargo segregation.
  • Energy transport by land, air, sea or rail, as well as multimodal capabilities.
  • Global network – ship power and energy freight anywhere in the world.
  • 24/7 tracking portal.
  • Experts in project, heavy haul and OOG shipping.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • We handle import and export documentation.
  • Handle permitting for moving oversize loads.
  • Turnkey transport and logistics solutions for energy projects.

Contact Seva Global for Energy Shipping Solutions

Take the time-consuming puzzle out of moving fuel and machinery. Contact Seva Global to learn more about our services for the energy sector and how we can help you, whether it’s for a one time heavy-haul move, supply logistics or turnkey transportation solutions, we’re up for any shipping challenge.