Petrochemical Transportation & Logistics

Petrochemical Transportation & Logistics

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The newly booming domestic natural gas industry through fracking and other means has increased supplies and opportunities for petrochemical manufacturing in the U.S. As the nation’s oil and gas boom fuels the growth of the petrochemical industry, transportation and warehousing costs have risen for this sector. These companies are also dealing with a shortage of adequate rail cars and qualified drivers that can safely and legally transport petrochemicals.

Due to all of these factors, intermodal transportation is becoming a preferred method of shipping for the petrochemical industry. Many petrochemical companies engage third party logistics partners or 3PLs to manage the intermodal transportation of goods in order to save time and money. 3rd party logistics partners, such as Seva Global Logistics, can help businesses eliminate fixed warehousing costs, and provide the industry expertise necessary to provide more cost-effective intermodal transportation options.

Why Use Seva Global for Petrochemical Transportation?

  • Certified to handle hazardous materials (hazmat certified) and hazardous containers
  • Domestic and international warehousing and distribution services
  • Company offices in port cities like Houston, TX and Miami, FL
  • Total logistics management
  • Turnkey transportation solutions
  • Access to a global shipping network
  • Unwavering standards for customer service
  • IATA dangerous goods certified
  • Hazmat documentation, labeling and packing
  • 24/7 tracking through our online portal
  • Proven ability to operate under tight deadlines
  • Compliance with national and international regulations for petrochemical transport
  • Intermodal and multi-modal transportation strategies

About Seva Global Logistics

Seva Global Logistics is an international freight forwarder that is known for shipping what others can’t. We specialize in commercial and industrial shipping, and we are experts in dealing with tough-to-manage cargo such as petrochemicals and other hazardous materials. We have the capabilities and expertise to provide global and domestic transportation services by waterway, rail, truck or air and intermodal transportation. We also manage cargo insurance, warehousing and documentation. We’ve been a leader in industrial shipping for over a decade, and our team members have around 15 years of experience each, which allows us to conquer any variety of logistical challenge.

As our clients’ testimonials will reflect, we are known for providing exceptional customer service and go the extra mile to ensure that your cargo is managed properly and deadlines are met, whether that means coordinating with transportation authorities or dealing with complex federal or international shipping regulations. We are members of well-known global freight forwarding networks such as Lognet and the WCA Family, which gives us the ability to offer competitive pricing and greater flexibility to our clients.

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