Construction Transportation & Logistics

Construction Transportation & Logistics

Logistics can be key to your successful construction project delivery. Cargo that needs to move from one site to another, whether it’s locally or globally, is often oversized and out-of-gauge. Transportation of construction equipment, machinery, and other materials therefore ends up being costly and complicated, and can easily put an unwelcome dent in your project budget for both time and money. Local and international transportation authorities can add further complications and delays due to the permits and fees associated with the transport of construction materials.

Stay competitive by taking advantage of Seva Global Service’s expertise and delivery options for your large industrial equipment. Whether you need heavy haul trucking between states or OOG or break bulk shipping around the world, Seva Global Logistics has the quality solutions to meet your needs at a price you can afford.


The Benefits of Using Seva Global Logistics

  • OOG, Heavy Haul, Heavy Lift, Break Bulk, Flat Rack, Open Top Shipping Capabilities
  • Multimodal Transport for Land, Sea, & Air to Anywhere in the World
  • TSA & IATA Certified Staff
  • 24/7 Tracking & Excellent Customer Service
  • Total Logistics Management, Including Permitting, Warehousing, & Importation/Exportation Concerns
  • Flexibility Throughout the Shipping Process to Meet New Needs
  • Turnkey Transportation Management
  • Certified Experts for Handling Dangerous or Hazardous Materials

About Seva Global Logistics

Seva Global Logistics is known for managing heavy equipment and supplies that other companies either won’t handle or don’t have the capability to handle. We’ve successfully transported construction cargo around the world for years, such as moving overhead gantry cranes using multiple shipping methods from Illinois to Dankuni. We can tackle any obstacle, whether it’s complications from transportation departments, tight time constraints, or other infrastructure concerns.

As a company, we’ve been in the freight forwarding industry for more than a decade and our staff has 15 years of experience per person, so we have experience in managing complicated and unique transport concerns for the construction industry. We always keep clients in the loop throughout the planning and shipping phases and offer 24/7 tracking tools to ensure your peace of mind. We also offer additional services such as import/export documentation, customs brokerage, cargo insurance, and warehousing.

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We can make your project delivery simple and effortless while keeping you on budget with quality solutions for meeting any challenge. Get your quote now and find out how Seva Global Logistics can take the frustration out of your construction freight delivery needs. Contact Seva Global Logistics today by filling out our online form or calling 8880003336 to get started.