Agricultural Transport & Logistics

Agricultural Transport & Logistics

Shipping and logistics in the agricultural sector present challenges unique to agricultural production that require heavy-duty equipment and efficient transportation. Special needs such as agricultural machinery transport call for powerful shipping equipment operated by skilled transportation professionals. Local transportation regulations and international transport authorities can also complicate time and budget concerns by derailing your shipment schedules and adding permits and fees to your expenses.

Keeping a competitive edge in agriculture means staying ahead of the unexpected and trusting the right people to move your heavy equipment. Mistakes and inexperience in shipment adds unneeded risk to your shipments and places your expensive equipment in danger of damage or destruction. Put your agricultural shipping needs in the hands of Seva Global Logistics to make sure your tractors, trailers, balers, sprayers, and combines are shipped on-time and in-budget to your destination.

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The Benefits of Using Seva Global Logistics:

  • Personal Customer Service – Human to Human Interaction with Tracking Available 24/7
  • Professional Transport Service – Access to a Full TSA & IATA Certified Staff
  • Mid-Shipping Flexibility – Make Changes As Your Goods Are Being Transported
  • Incredible Shipping Capability – OOG, Heavy Haul, Heavy Lift, Break Bulk, Flat Rack, and Open Top Shipping Available
  • Complete Logistics Management – Permits, Warehousing, & Importation or Exportation Concerns Handled By Us
  • Multimodal Transport – Ship Over Land, Sea, & Air to Anywhere in the World
  • Expert Hazard Prevention – Certified Experts Handle Your Dangerous or Hazardous Materials

About Seva Global Logistics

Seva Global Logistics steps in where other transportation companies can’t handle the shipment. We’ve mastered multimodal carrying methods so we can transport your agricultural machinery almost anywhere. Our highly trained and experience staff knows how to handle agricultural logistics and long-distance shipping of heavy equipment on a deadline – in fact, we’ve carried helicopters across the sea from the Middle East all the way to Alabama. Don’t let equipment size, tight deadlines, or the stress of logistics keep you from completing your shipment. Let Seva Global Logistics take care of the hassle of your biggest shipments.

Our staff averages 15 years of experience per seasoned, dedicated worker, and they’ve worked together at Seva Global Logistics moving freight for more than a decade. We’ve seen the troubles and snags that keep shipments from arriving on-time and in one piece, and we’ve learned how to approach them with the specialized needs of agricultural machinery transport in mind. As we continue to successfully complete shipments and create happy customers, we learn new ways to improve our processes and provide superior service. That’s why we offer additional services like importation and exportation documentation, cargo insurance, customs brokerage, and storage and warehousing.

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Learn why our customers trust us so deeply with their most pressing shipping projects and why they keep coming back. You can provide the details of your job to us and get a quote for a first-hand look at how Seva Global Logistics can make agriculture transportation amazingly simple. Call us at 8880003336 or fill out our online form to get moving on your next big shipment today.