Mining Transportation & Logistics

Mining Transportation & Logistics


The mining industry faces logistics challenges such as moving copper, silver, iron or other mined products from remote mining sites. They also face the challenge of requiring transport for heavy mining equipment to and from remote sites which adds expense and complications that some other industries don’t have to deal with. Transportation within the mining industry commonly involves managing shipping by rail, which can be costly and difficult without a relationship with rail companies. It’s also necessary to properly track rail cars with the product to ensure they aren’t sitting for long periods of time and to find the best cargo insurance to minimize the expensive risk of theft.

Working with a third-party logistics provider that focuses on industrial shipments, such as Seva Global Logistics, can help companies save up to 12% on costs and manage cargo insurance and freight tracking. Multimodal transportation is often required to move mining equipment on and offsite as well as to ship the product out to customers from remote destinations. Seva Global Logistics has over 15 years of experience shipping mining freight to and from remote destinations and handling heavy haul and project cargo through multimodal transport.

Benefits of Using Seva Global for Mining Cargo

  • Management of Cargo Insurance
  • Multimodal Transportation Options
  • Personnel Certified to Deal with Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods
  • Specialized in Industrial Shipping
  • Experts in the Movement of Oversized or OOG Shipments, Including Heavy Mining Equipment
  • Access to 24/7 Tracking Portal
  • Ability to Transport Cargo to Remote Destinations
  • Management of Import & Export Documentation
  • Access to a Global Network of Freight Forwarders
  • Experts in Heavy Haul & Project Cargo Management for Transporting Large Equipment
  • Excellent Customer Service, We Always Pick Up the Phone
  • Turnkey Transportation Solutions for Heavy Equipment & Machinery

About Seva Global Logistics

Seva Global Logistics is a global freight forwarder with offices based in the U.S. We are members of Lognet and the WCA Family which allows us to offer competitive pricing and local expertise no matter where our clients need to ship goods or transport equipment. We specialize in industrial shipping, and we have proven ourselves time and time again when it comes to transporting heavy, oversized cargo across the country and around the globe on tight deadlines. See our case studies for more information.

We offer multimodal transportation options that provide time-saving and cost advantages; we have the capacity to ship products by truck, rail, ship and plane. We also manage cargo insurance, permitting and import and export documentation. Our clients know that they can count on our highly trained staff that always answers the phone and has the knowledge and capabilities to manage transportation and logistics projects from beginning to end.

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Make your operations more cost-effective and take the headache out of mining logistics with Seva Global Logistics. Contact us today by filling out our online form or calling us at (908) 543-7653 to learn more about our transport services for the mining industry. You can also request a quote for moving your project cargo.