Corporate Account Services

 Corporate Account Services

Seva Global Logistics offers corporate account services to our larger customers that have the need or desire to manage many aspects of their logistical needs. These corporate services can provide cost/shipping control, carrier rate/tariff, corporate shipment visibility, as well as, custom integration of Seva Global Logistics shipping portal and user management.

We can tailor the look and feel of these services with your company’s logo and color scheme so you can retain your corporate “feel”. We also have custom integration that will provide your users with a seamless transition from your website/application to the Seva Global Logistics portal.

Our vision and execution is based in customizing our product to fit “your” distribution needs. We realize and understand that “one size does not fit all”. We configure our module of flexible, scalable services into what you need to reduce your over all backroom shipping costs. Corporately you’ll receive a logistics solution that improves your supply chain and enhances the value of our services to your business and to your customer’s experience.


• End to End Multimodal Transportation.
• Multi Location Delivery & Pick up.
• Single Point Billing
• Escort services.
• Milk run system.
• Product Specific Transport Solution
• Multimodal Solution ( Road – Rail-Air)
• Movement through Rail
• Handling of Project Cargo (ODC Shipments).
• Careful selection, auditing and evaluation of vendors
• FOD (Freight-on-delivery): Option of paying at the time of delivery.
• COD/DOD (Cheque/Draft-on-delivery): Collection of draft/cheque on your behalf at the time of delivery.
• Holiday & Sunday Pick-up/Delivery: At EL, we are sensitive to your urgent delivery commitment which is why we provide the option for pick-up and deliveries on Sundays/holidays.
• Octroi Clearing Facility: Octroi clearance on behalf of customers.
• Documentation Assistance: EL will provide information and assistance on Permits forms, legal/statutory requirements including clearance at check posts and documentation