Wind Energy Transportation & Logistics

Wind Energy Transportation & Logistics


Transportation and logistics for wind energy projects is a complicated process due to the massive size of turbines, blades, generators and nacelles. Moving a 200,000-pound generator or a 50-meter blade is no easy feat, no matter the distance you need it to travel. Transporting such massive pieces of equipment requires coordination with local transportation authorities and permits to transport oversized loads. Another challenge is finding drivers that have the qualifications to pilot vehicles that can transport wind energy equipment.

When importing or exporting wind energy parts and machinery, strict coordination between suppliers, project managers, freight forwarders and local authorities is imperative so that parts don’t sit at ports, wasting time and money. Whether you are shipping heavy wind equipment across the country or overseas, Seva Global Logistics has the capabilities to manage your project from start to finish.

Benefits of Working with Seva Global Logistics

  • Turnkey Transportation & Delivery Solutions for the Energy Sector
  • Proven Ability to Meet Tight Deadlines
  • Management of Permits for Oversized Loads & Coordination with Local Transportation Authorities
  • Experts in Transporting Heavy Haul & Heavy Lift Project Cargo
  • Global Network of Freight Forwarders
  • Move Heavy Equipment by Land, Air, Sea, Rail or a Combination of the Above
  • Access to Our 24/7 Tracking Portal
  • Customer Service That Goes Above & Beyond – We Always Answer Our Phones

About Seva Global Logistics

Seva Global Logistics is a global freight forwarder with expertise in heavy-haul, break bulk and project shipping. We are members of Lognet and the WCA Family which allows us to offer competitive pricing and local expertise no matter where our clients need to ship goods or transport equipment. We have clients in the manufacturing, energy and construction industries, and we have proven ourselves time and time again when it comes to transporting heavy, oversized cargo across the country and around the globe on tight deadlines.

We offer multimodal transportation options that provide time-saving and cost advantages; we have the capacity to ship products by truck, rail, ship and plane. We also manage cargo insurance, warehousing, permitting and import and export documentation. Our clients know that they can count on our highly trained staff to provide exceptional customer service. Our team has the knowledge and capabilities to manage wind energy delivery and logistics from beginning to end.

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