Air Imported Items Handled

Export Customs Clearing Services in India



We help in take along smiles on the faces of our clients by providing services to handling Air Imported Item in India from different parts of the world. Continuously importing goods from abroad to India has given us rich experience by which we suggests and provide our facilities & services to clients for Air Imported Item in India


We regularly assists our clients by helping out them in their queries. Air imported item in india are on high demand in the market as these items have high movement speed in terms of consumption and transportation. Some Air Imported Item in India has a big impact in our indian market which influences the buying behaviour of customers

Air Import items Handling in India:

For manufacturing units :all kind of raw materials & import of machinery, under DFI, EPCG, EOU, STP Units, advance licenses, re-import & exports,

Household Goods : gift Items, kitchenware, sanitary ware, Furniture

FurnitureWearable : Ladies/ gents/ kids shoes, socks, jackets, blazers, trousers, baby products, belts, buckles, jeans pent, shirt, imitation artificial jewelry,

Kids items : toys, sports goods, diapers, footwear,
Eatable: wine & whiskey, Vegetable oil, confectionery items, Juices, dry fruit, grain & spices, fresh Fruits, dairy products, seeds.

Fabric : carpet, silk, suiting & shirting, Bonded, coated PU & PVC, FLEX, non-woven’ s & Interlinings, knitted, flock. fur, cotton fusible, All import of fabric: plastics & rubber,

Automobiles : clutch, bearings, steel bolls, plugs, motorcycle chains, wind glass, bumper, alloy wheels, seat cover & all items,

Electronic : Mobile phones, computer parts, equipment’s & operators, semiconductor parts, communication items, medical equipment, DVD & parts, mobile phones from

Miscellaneous items : optical frame, Stationary, bath soaps, Tyre, umbrellas, lighting fixtures, photo frames,
Used Items : rages, conveyor belts, machinery,

Machinery & project Import : all kind of old machine, used photocopiers & computers, embroidery machine, textile machine, knitting machine, Shoe making machinery, air-conditioners, fax, automobile equipment,

Chemicals : dies, poly-oil, thinners, RPO, wax paraffin, lubricants, base oil, spindle oil, bitumen, carbon black, citric acid, titanium dioxide, pigments, organic chemicals & fertilizer, pharmaceuticals products, television, telephones & mobile phones & Laptop from .

Note : Above declared are just a few of large items that Falcon usually cleared on regular base.